"Folks say lucky. I replied, No! BLESS not LUCKY. LUCK happens by chance. BLESSING is destined by God to happen for me." -Emmanuel Blimie

Emmanuel's Platform

Introduce Police Database

Introduce legislation for a Statewide Police database. Emmanuel will also forge a strong Community-Police partnership program so Police aren't visible ONLY at Pull-overs, Crime Scenes and Arrests. 


Education is the reason behind Emmanuel's successes.  Emmanuel wants to prepare the next generation for success in college and the workforce. 

Emmanuel believes we must identify and mentor struggling students early on and align them to success. 

Emmanuel believes  that  State shifting its part of the bargain for funding education on  Local Governments in the form of additional Property tax increase should ONLY come as a last resort.

Emmanuel will find other means to fund education and alleviate burden on Home Owners like for example increasing the price of cigarette products by $0.25 to fund Education at the same time encouraging clean air and discouraging smoking.

Emmanuel believes as an honor to kids killed by guns in Florida's Schools gun owners must now face a new reality of bearing responsibility by insuring guns like we insure cars with assault weapon carrying a hefty premium and that money going to funding Education and Police Safety Programs across Florida.

Create Jobs

Post COVID-19 calls for Bill waiving rents for small businesses dating back to Emergency declaration. Emmanuel will work to introduce bill that incentivizes businesses including banks that come, invest and hire into disadvantage Districts as a way of enhancing a Family First Agenda giving bad off Communities face-lifts and improving their asset value.  

Invest In the Youth

Emmanuel will work to ensure that Youths with high propensity for crime within this Community and across Florida do not end up on the wrong side of the law. Emmanuel will ensure that an early preventive program that harnesses the strengths of Non Profits, or Congregations to the fullest to steer our Youths in the right direction before they fall into trouble with the law is introduced.

Emmanuel will introduce bills that increase funding for result-driven Non Profits, and Congregations taking the lead in the lives of our Youths. Once a Youth is identified as an Opportunity by their School with high propensity to engage into violence,  the Child's Parent(s) will be Consulted and given options that includes the Child spending time with a certified Mentor at a local Non Profit or Congregation. The Youth and their certified Mentor will setup plans to engage tasks that they identify together like Feeding the Homeless, or visiting  the Elderly in Group Homes and helping them with technology and so forth, visits that Youths can personally benefit from. The Youth will be paid Stipend for tasks, or visits Successfully completed.

Our Environment

When it comes to our environment it is NOT a one size fit all approach. Emmanuel will take your ideas at Town Halls into consideration and forge a reasonable and feasible solutions for keeping Florida clean. Emmanuel plans on tackling plastics making way into the waters by introducing a bill to start adding 05 to 10 cents to plastic bag. Emmanuel will also ensure that plastic garbage bags are gradually replaced with earth friendly recyclable paper bags. Emmanuel wants legislation that enables bottle recycling company to set up vending machines at groceries stores like we do pennies and pay for the quantity of bottles recycled into the vending machine so those bottles aren't making ways into our waterways. 

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