Emmanuel here! Democratic Candidate for Florida House of Representative District 12,  CEO at 1 Step Up Records & President at Blimie Project.


Blimie Project is a knowledge based Nonprofit organization that I founded after chatting with several including 1972 Democratic Party Presidential Nominee the late Mr. George McGovern during his 2006 "Ending Hunger in Our Time" tour. 

I am a Music Executive, Singer, Poet, Writer and a Self Published Author

Husband to a gorgeously beautiful woman, my junior high school crush and father to our two children Emmanuel Jr., and Melinda.

My story is a successful Immigrant story because of  hard work & God's continuous blessings upon my life.

I work extremely hard to get here. You can rest assured that I will work honestly harder for you when you vote for me. And when I am elected your State Representative.  

I am about moving Florida forward. That's all I've done for the last years knocking on doors, registering support to move Florida forward on countless fronts including support for Joseph Biden, Charlie Crist ecetera, ecetera.

My journey to Florida started out on what was a move for Graduate School at Nova Southeastern University, Davie. 

I had gone to Community College on  scholarships and transferred to Southwest Minnesota State University where I earned a Bachelor degree in Public Administration.

I was elected Student Body Vice President of the Student Government Association without bid for the office.


That experience introduced me into politics, and taught me a valuable life lesson. Your accent and race aren't necessarily a disqualifying factor when you are sincere and honest and hard working. 

Youth Life

In High School, with problems at home and as a child of a single mother my grades suffered. I was at a disadvantageously low grade point average.

The chances of getting into College didn't look good for me an Immigrant from Liberia and first generation College Student.

Junior year a program called STRIVE sponsored by the Brooklyn Park Rotary Club to help kids like myself increase grades for college was introduced. 

Native American David Anderson a registered Republican and the Founder of Famous Dave Restaurant was called. Famous Dave as he was called, came in, narrated his growing up experiences here in the United States and they ironically matched  my experiences growing up in Refugee Camps. 

It was on that day that I decided on Public Administration as a major because that's what Famous Dave studied. I vowed and decided that I was going to work harder on my Grades. I defined my goals applied myself and dramatically improved my grades to A's and B's.

I graduated High School and won the STRIVE scholarships for the most improved Grade Point Average and that was how I went on to College.

Why Are You Running?

Besides being the ONLY Candidate NOT taking salary as your Representative.

My main reason for running for Florida State Representative District 12 stemmed from this WJCT News article that I read.

My opponent, incumbent Representative Clay Yarborough is exposed writing out a sweet one million dollars bill to benefit ONE  Donor for ONE Charter School within the District on the back of Taxpayers.


Clay's focus was just this ONE school belonging to ONE Donor when Clay could have introduced bill funding ALL Schools within the District across the board.

I perceive this kind of Politician somersaults, focusing solely on your Donors instead of the Voters, as Clay's looking out for his pocket.

It is NOT nice. It is NOT okay.

It is NOT a Republican or a Democrat thing to do. That is why I am running.

After reading the article, I wanted to do something. I wanted 'Benefit to a Bill' legislation so that Taxpayers can see how Lawmakers like Clay Yarborough (R) are hauling HUGE donations off of bills that they've written, introduced or passed.

For every Bill that Clay Yarborough has introduced or passed, he's benefited himself financially or in some ways or another.

You need to see those benefits.

Leadership Experiences:

Founder/CEO at 1 Step Up Records.

President at Blimie Project.

Account Manager- Transportation.

Teacher-Disable Wheelchair bound Cypress Place.

General Manager- Transportation.

Inventory Manager- Fortune 500. 

Student Senator - University.

Student Body Leader - University.

Student Bible Study Conductor- College. 

Christian Student Organization Executive Member- College. 

Youth President -Ebenezer Community Church.

9th Grade Student Speaker -Help Increase the Peace Program. 

Class Prefect- Elementary School.

Evangelist/Singer- 10 Years Old.

I hope you will partner with me today, and cast a vote for the cause that you care so much about.

Emmanuel Blimie, 2020  Candidate for Florida State Representative District 12 

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